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Welcome to our course about Marketing!
We are happy to offer you our internet course about marketing. In TEJO, we are aware about the importance of good presentation and promotion of Esperanto and this is why it is essential for us to have knowledge about marketing to reach our aim. If you pay attention and complete this course, you will get new competences not only about the application of technologies in the Esperanto-movement but also in your personal and professional life.

As usual, we created this course in order to let anyone enjoy it independently. After each class, you will receive a questionnaire and, upon completing it, you will have access to the following class. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

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Marketing is a political tool that we use to get our anticipated aims in those situations when coercion is not able or not allowed. The official definition is: “Analysis, planning, realisation and control of specific worked-out programmes created to enable valued exchange with groups the project is directed to in order to reach the wanted aim”. From this statement, we derive three essential aspects: the need of a concrete aim, exchange as a tool to reach the aim naturally and the target group we want to address our message to. We have to formulate this message according to their points of view, interests, wishes and problems. Marketing is based on three crucial concepts: aim, target group and marketing mix. They can be analysed without any specific order although this is the most logical one.

Task 1:
Here is the link to the questionnaire, upon completion you will receive the next unit.