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Welcome to the course on communication channels. Communication is very important and it needs a suitable channel to be successful. Are you interested in understanding more in depth about what a communication channel is, what channels exist and which are best for your activities? If so, this online training on communication channels is what you need! If you have any questions at any time, write to, where someone is always willing to answer any question / comment. This online course comes as an output of the ECY project – Effective Communication for Youth, supported by the European Union through the Erasmus + program.

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Communication channels, part 1

When we want to communicate something to another person, we follow a process with the following elements:

  • Sender (the one who encodes the message)
  • Channel (the medium used to communicate)
  • Message (the content)
  • Context (the situation)
  • Coding of the message (language and interpretation rules)
  • Noise (misunderstandings, missing information, or too much information at the same time)
  • Receiver (the one who decodes the message)

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