Welcome to the Events Planning training!

One of the most important activities related to youth organizations is the organization of events. We are very glad that you are interested in this training and that you desire to experience and apply new knowledge in your future event organisation.

What does the training look like?

The training consists of 6 parts with exercises; you can complete the whole training within a week. The training course can be followed independently online, and feel free to write to the trainers if you have any questions to trejnado@tejo.org.


By organizing events and congresses, activists have the chance to meet each other and be a community. Also, events can be a contact point with the other organizations and key people outside of the organization, which often are not aware of the existence of the Esperanto culture, its ideals and its resources. The same is true for other organizations, where the knowledge in the organization needs to be communicated to external stakeholders.

Typical target groups of events are active people in the movement, newcomers and people with a special interest in your specific topic. Moreover, the presence of people from different social strata can be a welcome addition.

Because of these reasons, events play an important role for the organization’s members as well as for others participants. It is worth striving to organize them as good as possible.

From the possible program content to the choice of the specific program for a defined target group, to the specific complications related to the location, making an event happen is a complex activity.

Finally, you should not forget about another important role of events: they are often the only revenue source of organizations that use these to support their activities. Therefore, it is important to have financial management in the back of your head when planning your event.

Task 1
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